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  1. WebmastersMind

    What are Backlinks?

    Backlink - What are backlinks: backlinks are links to a particular page, article, category, product, etc. from other websites. For a better position in organic search engine results, we will need to build backlinks on various phrases or keywords. The Google Search Engine thinks that a backgammon...
  2. CyRaw

    Where do you post banners on your blog?

    There is a lot discussion about monetization methods for a blog. Products, services, affiliate marketing, conversion rates - all are important if you want to earn a serious monthly income online. Lately, the (wrong) idea has spread that banners are not converting. The world is so full of...
  3. WebmastersMind

    The most common mistakes of a blog

    Many entrepreneurs have already understood the major importance of having a blog and the positive impact this can have for both users and ranking in Google's results. There has been a great deal of emphasis on this lately, so it's easy to understand that any business person wants his online...
  4. WebmastersMind

    Why do we need to write articles?

    With Google "Penguin" and "Panda" everywhere, the SEO world can sometimes resemble a zoo. In building an SEO campaign, focusing on content is more or less important. By all the same advice on promoting a site, this time will become inefficient and new methods of promotion will need to be sought...
  5. WebmastersMind

    How to Respond to Negative Blog Comments

    Unfortunately, if your blog is visible to the public, it's likely that someone will post a rude, offensive, or inappropriate comment on one of your blog posts. Or the day will come when someone will post something negative about you on another blog/site. People can be very mischievous when they...