1.37 Puncte = 1 Vella / Vella= 0.00002667583 BTC si 43.2183406114 Doge


  1. Archangel Michael

    Important! Cat valoreaza 1 punct ?

    Buna tuturor ! Cu mult timp in urma v-am promis ca aceste puncte se pot transforma in niste cryptomonede care au o valoare reala. Ei bine astazi am deschis platforma Vella https://vella.money/ Ce este platforma Vella? Platforma Vella este un wallet ( un portofel de credite) 1 Vella = 0.5$ la...
  2. Archangel Michael

    Tema Zilei : Despre bitcoin, moneda viitorului si blockchain

    Buna tuturor! Cine nu a auzit de bitcoin? Cu toate acestea multi privesc aceasta unitate de valoare in fel de fel de moduri iar toate prezentatiile si informatiile venite din mas-media sunt pline de ambiguitate. Ce este moneda virtuala bitcoin? Practic este un program ca un joc de altfel in...
  3. V

    The value of the Bitcoin has reached a new record

    The value of the crypt-coin that began all the current mania continues to grow at an alarming rate. Bitcoin is about to exceed $ 10,000. In the last few hours, Bitcoin has managed to achieve a value of nearly $ 9900, with small decreases and a current $ 9,864.87 quote. The price for this...
  4. WebmastersMind

    HBO Hacked: Game of Thrones episodes leaked

    Now we are all watching a TV series. So among the shows we look at, it's impossible not to have heard about the popular Game of Thrones. It seems that this popular TV show has been hacked and the web not only revealed the plot of episode 4, then even the episode and now the contact details of...
  5. WebmastersMind

    Tutorial How to transfer Bitcoin easy using BlockChain

    Last time we showed you as a new user, how can you start using Bitcoin without understanding the technical details. Once a Bitcoin wallet is installed on your computer or mobile phone, it will generate your first Bitcoin address and you can create one every time you need it. This address can be...
  6. WebmastersMind

    Tutorial How to make a Bitcoin wallet - BlockChain

    We've decided to do video tutorials to help you integrate into the online world. This time we present you how to create a wallet in which to keep your Bitcoin. You've heard everywhere about this currency that increases and decreases in value. With it, you can pay anonymously quickly and safely...
  7. CyRaw

    Bitpalas - 10% daily

    I will introduce a new investment site that appeared this year on June 12, 2017. Only Bitcoin is used. Investment plans are 3: 10% daily forever: Minimum 0.001 BTC; Maximum 5 BTC. 12% daily forever: Minimum 5.001 BTC; Maximum 30 BTC. 15% daily forever: Minimum 30.001 BTC; Maximum 300 BTC...