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  1. Sencuart

    What type of hosting is right for WordPress?

    If you've built a site on the WordPress platform, you need to know what type of hosting suits. The perfect choice is influenced by various factors, including the resources the website needs. Choosing a suitable hosting package can range from a dedicated server, virtual server to a shared...
  2. WebmastersMind

    How much does a website cost?

    This is one of the most common questions in our field of activity. The answer to this question is not a standard one. Even if the technology and the online environment are constantly developing, there is no formula to calculate the costs involved in developing and implementing a site. The...
  3. WebmastersMind

    How you Lose Customers with the Login Page

    The login option is a precious tool for marketers, as through login users are identified and their activity on the site is monitored. But what happens when this login is aggressively introduced in the early stages of the user's journey to the site? Numerous usability tests have shown that users...
  4. WebmastersMind

    Solved Win $0.85 - Who is the chairman and co-founder of Facebook?

    Win $0.85 - Who is the chairman and co-founder of Facebook? The last contest can be seen here. If you haven't read the competition rules click here, and if you are a new member then read the forum rules here. One of today's most successful social networking sites is Facebook, which, despite...