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  1. Seriale Turcesti

    Ce sunt Monedele Oracol XOR si ce puteti face cu ele

    Echipa WebmastersMind este un partener care se ocupa doar cu promovarea monedei, Echipa WebmastersMind nu apartine din Staf si nu are putere executiva asupra acesteia deci ea se ocupa doar cu promovarea. Moneda Oracol XOR este un proiect initiat acum 2 ani de un roman stabilit in canada avand...
  2. WebmastersMind

    Moneda Digitala Oracol XOR

    Specificatii - Numele Monedei ORACOL - denumire de cod - xor Suma total de monezi = 184,000,000.00 (184 Milioane) xor Maturizarea la monezi minate = 100 (dupa 100 de confirmari ) Block Times = 30 secunde (intervalul dintre blockurile minate) Retargeting = 5 minute Preminate =...
  3. DeAdrian

    Welcome to Oracol platform - Introduce yourself here

    Hello everyone, My name is Adrian and I will be answering with the best of my abilities any questions related to Oracol Xor Coin. We are still in development stage and at this time the ICO is scheduled for end of April 2018 this year. Thank you Webmasterminds team for allowing our own thread on...
  4. V

    The value of the Bitcoin has reached a new record

    The value of the crypt-coin that began all the current mania continues to grow at an alarming rate. Bitcoin is about to exceed $ 10,000. In the last few hours, Bitcoin has managed to achieve a value of nearly $ 9900, with small decreases and a current $ 9,864.87 quote. The price for this...