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  1. WebmastersMind

    How to Respond to Negative Blog Comments

    Unfortunately, if your blog is visible to the public, it's likely that someone will post a rude, offensive, or inappropriate comment on one of your blog posts. Or the day will come when someone will post something negative about you on another blog/site. People can be very mischievous when they...
  2. WebmastersMind

    Solved Win $0.55 - What is a forum?

    Win $0.18 - What is a forum? The last contest can be seen here. If you haven't read the competition rules click here, and if you are a new member then read the forum rules here. Because no one answered to the last contest, today we will add $0.18 to the question with the prize of $0.37...
  3. S

    Happy to be here

    Hello everyone! i am new here. Just what I found this forum from my friend CyRaw. I want to learn much about money making.
  4. Wolf Soul

    Forum aggregation - is it legal?

    I want to set up a web site which shows information from a bunch of different forums on one page. From each forum there will be subjects of new posts and beginning of its content when you point a cursor to it. Then user can click on the subject and open the website. So it means I am not going to...
  5. newbie

    Super Fast Forum :)

    Great forum... it loads so darn fast.. even with my crappy internet connection.. I love it when forums load fast.. :)
  6. Ovi

    How to introduce yourself in this forum?

    I think the 1st post should be any forum introduction of yourself. Make yourself introduce, you will have to do something. 1. Title: Make a greetings such as "Have a nice day", "Nice to meet you" etc. 2. Message: In this option, you will have to say something about yourself. a) Your Name b)...