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  1. Mr. L

    The effects of being on the first page on Google

    FACT: 84% of people access/visit only the sites that appear on the front page of Google. Thinking little about that. Imagine that the Web would be a gigantic city with shops. If your site would be in the top 10 of the Web, that would be equivalent to having the store on the main commercial...
  2. Mr. L

    Cum sa gasesti cuvinte cheie usor de rankat

    De fiecare data cand vrem sa incepem un site, trebuie sa luam in considerare mai multi pasi. Printre acestia se numara alegerea unui keyword sau cuvant cheie ce desemneaza pivotul de baza al websiteului pentru a fi cat mai vizibil in cautari. Eu am cateva instrumente care ma ajuta sa fac asta...
  3. Mr. L

    10 link building techniques in a decade

    The SEO white-hat techniques have evolved over the years, but one of the most important elements of the optimization process has remained the link building. Search engine optimization has an accelerated dynamics and yet few SEO tactics have evolved as much (or as frequently) as the link...
  4. Mr. L

    How long does it take to get on the first page in Google?

    Webmasters have tried to fool and manipulate search results over time. Everything has been tried, from masked text (the same color of text as the one used in the background) to obsessive repetition of keywords within a page (keyword stuffing). All worked in their day, but to counter these...
  5. C

    Ce este Autoritatea unui Domeniu? Ce este DA?

    Există nenumărate site-uri web, si unele sunt mai bune decât altele. Întrebarea este că de unde știm ce site-uri web se descurcă bine,si are o reputație vizibil mai solidă decat altele. Acum trebuie să vă gândiți că trebuie să existe fel de fel de criterii pentru a clasifica acest lucru și cu...
  6. S

    The help that Google can offer for SEO

    Google has been preparing more and more changes in recent times about SEO factors. For those who do not know the opportunities that Google can offer you, here's what you need to do with Google's help for a much better SEO: 1. Counts on SWC (Semantic-Wise Content) Quality content is very...
  7. Sencuart

    Free SEO optimization tips

    SEO optimization of a website or blog is a long-term process, involving both the optimization of each page and the internal links within the site. In order to get the best out of the SEO optimization process for your site, it is necessary to keep up with the new requirements, techniques, and...
  8. CyRaw

    Factors that increase your position in the Google 2018 ranking

    There are more than 150 factors set by Google, which lead to an increase or decrease of the position in its ranking and which determines the SEO score of a website. The algorithm continues to change constantly, so it's possible that year after year or periodically notice a decrease in Google's...
  9. C

    Why is google so popular?

    Hello everyone, I want to ask why Google is so popular? i have a website and having slow progress in attracting visitors. I don't know how to increase sales. Can anyone help me?
  10. WebmastersMind

    Major change made by Google to meta description

    The new maximum number of characters allowed has not yet been "officialized", but from what I noticed, the average has increased considerably from 160 characters to 230 characters. In some of my searches, I've even seen 320-character descriptions. To be clear to everyone, the description (meta...
  11. WebmastersMind

    Recovery after a Google manual penalty

    Unlike penalties automatically applied by an algorithm, in the case of manual penalties, we are dealing with a Google editor who inspected the site and decided to apply the penalty. Usually, the reason is the non-compliance with the so-called webmaster quality guidelines, which are thick enough...
  12. WebmastersMind

    Design elements required for a successful Online Shop

    Designing an online store is crucial. The images, architecture, and airworthiness of a site determine the experience it provides to visitors. In eCommerce, it is important to provide a pleasant experience as it will affect the number of orders placed. In this thread, we'll talk about the design...
  13. WebmastersMind

    Psychology tips to improve your Online Store

    There are many sources of inspiration when planning the future of your online store. You can use Google Analytics, or look at companies that have already been successful. Another idea is to better understand your audience, and apply some practical tips in psychology. In this thread, we've...
  14. WebmastersMind

    Things that any beginner must know about Google Analytics

    In a physical store, we can easily see consumer behavior and study its reactions. In the online environment, however, we can not analyze the customer in the same way. That's why analysis tools are essential. Today we will talk about Google Analytics, a free, complex tool that offers a wealth of...
  15. WebmastersMind

    How To Choose Your Ecommerce Platform By SEO

    Search Engine Optimization, otherwise called SEO, is a marketing discipline that focuses on maximizing visibility on search engines like Google. In simple terms, SEO determines how much a website search engine will like. Optimization will be determined by the eCommerce platform you use and your...
  16. CyRaw

    What is Negative SEO and how can affect you

    One thing is clear: the better niche, the greater are the chances for people to enter it ... less ethical. When competition is bitter, you must expect "joy" at all times. Negative SEO is one of those things a rival webmaster can do to you ... under certain conditions. You know that when you add...
  17. WebmastersMind

    How to get rid of Referral Spam from Google Analytics Reports

    Google Analytics is the most widely used statistics service for monitoring site traffic. It offers plenty of reports and filters that allow you to analyze this traffic. However, lately, Google Analytics has begun to be scandalized by spamming the quality and accuracy of reports. If you want to...
  18. Minadeep

    Google adwords becoming expensive

    I started using google adwords 3 years back. back then it was $0.01 for a click now it is too much . I think a lot of people are using it and competition has increased
  19. WebmastersMind

    Myth: Having a secure website (encrypted HTTPS) is not important for SEO

    "SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and the browser remains private. "- SSL.com Have you ever noticed that some URLs start with "http: //", while others...
  20. WebmastersMind

    SEO optimization tips for product and category page

    Because people generally look for expressions such as "birthday flowers", "shirts or black dress" instead of specific product names, the use of popular keywords for SEO optimization of category pages can attract good traffic to your site. Below is a list of SEO e-commerce tips for product and...