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  1. WebmastersMind

    Solved Win $0.41 - What is crawling in SEO?

    Win $0.41 - What is crawling in SEO? The last contest can be seen here. If you haven't read the competition rules click here, and if you are a new member then read the forum rules here. The correct set target of an SEO campaign is to increase the visibility of the site in organic results for...
  2. Sencuart

    Can a Blog survive without Google?

    I had many blogs but all of them have been done as a book with SEO optimization and indexing. I wonder if it is possible to survive without indexing in the Google search engine?
  3. Sencuart

    SEO elements that need to be verified after launching a new site

    An essential process in launching a site, and almost always ignored, is SEO verification. Below is a list of elements that, once checked, make the transition to a new site much easier. Choosing a domain: it's not a domain name but a choice with or without www. Once you've made your choice, you...