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  1. Sencuart

    What is Artificial Intelligence?

    More often we hear around talking about artificial intelligence, but what does it mean and how did this technology emerge? The History of Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence began to develop in the 1950s through the Summer Research Project on Artificial Intelligence at Dartmouth...
  2. WebmastersMind

    How to Make sure your site will never be penalized by Google

    There are some steps you need to follow rigorously, or your site will suffer. We start from the premise that you already have a site, but it's a new site that you have not started doing SEO yet, so you did not manage to ruin anything. Do I have two sites? You have two sites! Many site owners...
  3. WebmastersMind

    The Future in Promotion on Social Media

    In about two years, companies that have not developed a social media starter, even if they are major players in their field of activity, will be overtaken by those who will come up with this strategy. Social Signals have become of paramount importance for setting new rules in Google rankings...