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  1. Sencuart

    How to use domain extensions in creative marketing

    Most well-known companies and branding have a website with a common domain extension such as net, .com, .eu. But did you know that, starting in 2014, new web domain extensions began to appear, encompassing a wide range of options? Starting from .academy to .xyz, the new TLDs cover a wide range...
  2. Sencuart

    What is and how long the DNS propagation takes

    You've found the perfect domain name for your site and you're ready to start your online business. You just registered a domain but when you insert it into the browser you find it is not working. For a domain to work, you need a hosting service and set up DNS. Promoting a domain, that is to say...
  3. Sencuart

    Ideas to increase online sales for Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day dominates online shopping in February. Although the feast comes from the United States, where sales last year exceeded $ 18 billion last year, and the phenomenon is rising more and more from year to year. For this reason, retailers are preparing in advance to be able to offer the...
  4. WebmastersMind

    What is Google AdWords and How it Works?

    Google AdWords is one of the most effective advertising methods. It's a great way to quickly bring targeted Google visitors directly to your business website to promote the products or services you offer. How and where can you communicate? You can communicate through text, banners, and videos...