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social media

  1. Sencuart

    Why Social Media is important for small businesses online

    When starting an online business, a website is indispensable. However, Social Media is not an option, but social networks are absolutely necessary for online presence. Most online business owners feel they have no time to spend on social media and do not see an opportunity to develop their...
  2. WebmastersMind

    The Future in Promotion on Social Media

    In about two years, companies that have not developed a social media starter, even if they are major players in their field of activity, will be overtaken by those who will come up with this strategy. Social Signals have become of paramount importance for setting new rules in Google rankings...
  3. WebmastersMind

    Social Media Influence on Your Business

    The global image of a business, both online and offline, is shaped by several factors. An important element contributing to the formation of a positive image among clients is in the social media. If until a few years ago companies had been present on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter...
  4. WebmastersMind

    How to use Instagram for your business ?

    Social networking is an effective way to attract new clients and keep existing ones. Social media gives you a great deal of openness to potential customers around the world. The speed with which the information circulates is amazing, in just a few minutes you have access to news from any corner...
  5. WebmastersMind

    How to use Google Plus for your business?

    Google Plus is currently used by 540 million users, managing to raise 90 million in the first year of launch (Facebook has reached the same number of users in 4 years and Twitter in 5 years). However, when it comes to social media, most people connect with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and less...
  6. WebmastersMind

    Top Mistakes in Social Media

    Good years have passed since media has joined the marketing mix. It's time to do things with proficiency, strategy, and planning, no more mary-go-rounds. There is no real guidebook for the perfect social media presence. But here are some common mistakes you need to stay away from! 1. No Social...
  7. CyRaw

    How often to post on social media

    Have you ever considered how much to post on social media? How much do you need to post or how little? I'll leave below my statistic that I hope to help as much as helped me in SEO. *per day posts Facebook: 3 per week is considered low - 1 is suggested - 2 is high Twitter: 3 per week is...
  8. Spooky

    The #hashtag Power

    The Power In the social media age, the #hashtag is one of the most powerful tools around, instantly linking a social media post to a group of others about the same topic... and updating a group of likeminded users on that topic in real time. For small business owners, the #hashtag represents an...