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  1. WebmastersMind

    SEO optimization guide for dropshipping sites

    As an owner of a dropshipping, one of the most important things you need to know before building your website is how to get an SEO optimization as efficient as possible for your business. This type of store is totally different from the stores that own their stock. So, reading this article...
  2. WebmastersMind

    Solved Win $0.53 - What is Wordpress?

    Win $0.53 - What is Wordpress? The last contest can be seen here. If you haven't read the competition rules click here, and if you are a new member then read the forum rules here. This is a question that more and more Internet users ask every week every day. The WordPress Platform is the most...
  3. badang

    Video Marketing Tips v1

    • How to write Compelling YouTube Video Titles 1. Make Them searchable. 2. Make a promise - and keep it. 3. Tickle those emotions to cennect. 4. Write 20-30 titles, then pick a winner. • 5 Rules for awesome YouTube Thumbnails 1. Pair it well with the first 10-15 seconds of your video. 2. Use...
  4. Spooky

    9 Rules Using Text in Graphics

    I've decided to introduce you 9 rules to respect when using text in graphics. They helped me a lot, so, I hope it will help you too. 1. Every font has a personality. And people like some personalities better than others. So what's the rule here? Know your audience, know your document's purpose...
  5. WebmastersMind

    Solved Win $0.65 - What is a Webmaster?

    Win $0.65 - What is a Webmaster? Last contest can be seen Here. Additional information: A website is an interactive presentation that consists of several web pages, images, videos, animations, audio and other types of files, organized in a certain way, accessible each by unique URLs (example...