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  1. Sencuart

    The most expensive Wordpress theme

    I was navigating on ThemeForest looking for a theme for my new blog that I want to open and while I was scrolling I said ''*Why not apply filters?'' ... among which I saw the option of sorting from the most expensive products to the cheapest. What could I expect? I thought maximum a theme can...
  2. CyRaw

    Need Suggest for a WP Theme

    I have a jokes blog, where I post jokes, joking GIF, vids, and I want a theme for easy post, add GIF, Videos then finish, I don't want enter title, thumb.........etc. Any hints ?
  3. V

    Find out the theme of a wordpress site

    Hello, everybody! For some time I've been looking for the theme of this site. I did not find anywhere so I came here to help me.