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  1. NicolaeP

    [Method] Youtube + CPA

    This is the first method I add to this forum. So I'll explain briefly how you can make money with youtube and CPA! Old method but still GOLD Well you will need a YouTube account, a domain, an account on a CPA network like ogads and a bit of imagination. You will need to create the landing page...
  2. WebmastersMind

    Google Disable Adsense Accounts in mass: Error or Google Does Cleanup?

    There are many complaints in the Adsense Help Adsense Adsense Disabling Adsense Account 2 weekends ago. Most, if not all, seem to be attached to Youtube and receive notifications that their accounts have been disabled. The announcement received by many users by email: Your AdSense application...
  3. WebmastersMind

    How to increase traffic on YouTube?

    YouTube has become one of the most widely used and appreciated social networks in business. Like any social network, YouTube helps create and maintain relationships between the company and customers, collaborators, partners, and potential customers. Companies around the world are using this...
  4. WebmastersMind

    Some reasons for adding video content on your site

    Video content has a very high capacity to transmit many information in a very short time. In general, Internet users are looking for quick solutions to their problems, and in most cases they prefer to watch a 3-minute video rather than read a 5-page article. Ok, but how about SEO? You do not...
  5. badang

    Video Marketing Tips v1

    • How to write Compelling YouTube Video Titles 1. Make Them searchable. 2. Make a promise - and keep it. 3. Tickle those emotions to cennect. 4. Write 20-30 titles, then pick a winner. • 5 Rules for awesome YouTube Thumbnails 1. Pair it well with the first 10-15 seconds of your video. 2. Use...