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10 Online Business ideas

Discussion in 'Online Business' started by WebmastersMind, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. WebmastersMind

    WebmastersMind Administrative Staff Member Official Support SEO Expert Freelancer

    Before the Internet spread so much, the real job opportunities for those who want to work from home are very few. The only way to use your skills and earn some money was to hire and go to work. But as technology has evolved, a new job domain has emerged.Now you can sit at your computer with a cup of coffee near you and make money online without problems.

    Here are the most searched and profitable 10 jobs you can do online:

    1. Writer
    Being a freelance writer is not just about writing books and trying to publish them.
    There are many other opportunities, such as blogging on various themes, site content pages, product reviews, technical documents, and more.
    Currently, there are hundreds of thousands of writers on freelancer sites, making this job one of the most popular jobs.

    2. Editor
    If a large number of writers are needed, then a large number of publishers will also be needed.
    You can edit posts from large blogs before they can be published, you can edit the content of web pages, ebooks, etc.
    There are currently thousands of freelancers and many of them offer both editing and writing services so it's quite difficult to estimate a certain number.
    People with good grammar knowledge are very searched. Look for opportunities on one of the freelance platforms or contact the bloggers or magazines managers if you are interested in an editor post.

    3. Translator
    With hundreds of thousands of translators on freelance websites, you will not find it difficult to find jobs as a translator if you look a little to the right and to the left.
    The most popular combinations are translations from Chinese, Spanish, French and German into English, and vice versa, but there are many other opportunities, so if you speak at least one foreign language you will certainly find work.

    4. Consultant
    Business, legal, web or marketing consultants are quite present in the online freelancers world, with tens of thousands of jobs on the Guru and Upwork.
    There is a wide range of consultant jobs available in various areas, from legal to SEO and IT, so it should not be difficult to find a right job offer for your skills.

    5. Customer Service Representative
    Most companies prefer to outsource this service, so there is no wonder that there is a huge online job market for customer service representatives.

    6. Sales Representative
    The online sales representatives market is fairly large, but there are not many people who offer this service, so you do not have to worry about the competition.

    7. Software developer
    The job market for software developers is large and continues to expand, so there is always space for more people who like to work from home and who have skills and experience in this area.
    Despite the competition, many beginner software developers are doing pretty well.

    8. Web Designer
    Web designers are in great demand now because many small businesses and persons are doing business online.
    From small online stores and blogs to large corporate websites, everyone needs a good web designer, so there is no wonder there are over 100,000 web designers on freelancing sites.

    9. Teacher
    You can teach different subjects online, like math or whatever, and the only things you need are a good internet connection, a webcam, and a certificate to prove you have the right to teach.
    Moreover, you can also look on sites like Tutor, which offers exclusively home-based jobs.

    10. Recruitment Coordinator
    If you have good skills to work with people and communicate, the job of a recruiting coordinator might be the right one for you.
    You can find the right people for different jobs by doing "online detective" work, checking resumes and eliminating inappropriate candidates, and this can be a very interesting and profitable job.

    For talented people and workers who want to earn their living from home online, there are many opportunities. The online job market for freelancers is like an endless ocean and there is work and money for everyone. Find something that you are talented or experienced and someone will look for your services - just find it and be one step ahead of the competition.
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  2. causez

    causez Member Registered

    Thank you for these good ideas! I will try to implement some of them if I can like a freelancer
  3. YooProJecT

    YooProJecT Member Registered

    The are more ideas ;)
  4. kitsun3

    kitsun3 Active Member Registered

    I think that Software developer and Web Designer are the best for online business
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  5. WebmastersMind

    WebmastersMind Administrative Staff Member Official Support SEO Expert Freelancer

    Yeah, these are the most searched
  6. luispas

    luispas Well-Known Member Registered Active Member

    I was thinking about starting a blog, but I don't know how to do it or where I have to start. I've read that it's a good job, you can make decent money and it calls my attention because I love to write about anything.
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  7. WebmastersMind

    WebmastersMind Administrative Staff Member Official Support SEO Expert Freelancer

    @luispas Yes you can make money from this! We can help you.
    I will write a complete guide about how you can make a blog from the ground with few dollars today or tomorrow.
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  8. luispas

    luispas Well-Known Member Registered Active Member

    @WebmastersMind that would be awesome! I need another online job because I was on Postloop, I don't know if you know about it, well, right now I'm not able to withdrawal my money there :( so i want to start working on a better place where I don't have to wait to people rate me. It's very frustrating.
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