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10 Principles that guarantee success


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Being an entrepreneur and developing a business involves, first of all, interacting with people, clients, potential customers and all those we come into contact with inevitably.

What differentiates us from the quality of life, but also the way we sell a product or service is the way we relate to people.

The relationship skills are essential to success in our business, so we need to learn from the best.

Dale Carnegie was a poor boy born on a farm in Maryville, USA, but who had the ambition of succeeding in life, and moreover, he was persevering and willing to learn throughout his life. Below we present 10 of the strongest principles he set out in the book Secrets of Success. How to make friends and become influential.

1. Do not criticize, do not condemn or complain. How pleasant is it to stay around someone who is constantly dissatisfied with anything, the system, or the person around him? It's just toxic. For the health of your relationships, avoid being such a person.

2. Retain the name of someone, it is the sweetest music that can hurt your hearing. When we hear our names, we are involuntary, even if we are in a crowd. Simply saying our name makes us become more receptive, more courteous and more willing to negotiate.

3. Smile! Do you know a simple way to make you enjoyable and agreeable than a smile? It costs nothing, yet it does wonders in relationships with those around us. Smile is the simplest way to convey to the brain that everything is OK and to help the person in front of you relax.

4. The only way to take advantage of a conflict is to avoid it. Unfortunately, sometimes it is more important for us to be right than to save a relationship. Avoid conflicts, because they will create tensions between you and those around you and obviously discomfort.

5. Ask questions instead of giving direct orders. In this way you will cause the other to believe that what he is doing, he does on his own initiative.

6. Praises the most insignificant improvement and the least progress. What we emphasize, grows. If we focus on failure, failure will prevail. If we praise and encourage progress, it will become a norm.

7. Let others maintain the standards of a reputed reputation. Give people confidence in advance and will do anything to disappoint you. They will struggle to meet the standards of a reputed reputation.

8. Indirectly draws attention to mistakes committed. We all are wrong, but it's the only way we can evolve. Instead of direct assertion and transgression: "You're wrong!" Try the variant: "Do you think it was the best way to solve this?"

9. Make yourself aware of things from the perspective of the other. Each of us is modeled by the experiences he experiences and the environment in which he lived and lives. Before giving any thoughts about the other, put 20 seconds in his place, try to see things from his perspective. You may realize that judgment is useless.

10. Let the interlocutor speak freely. Give the person in front of you the opportunity to present your problem without interrupting it, especially if it's your client. People have a fantastic need to be listening. After you listen to them, you'll know how to guide them and give them the best solution for them.

These principles make the difference between those who establish quality relationships and those who fail in interpersonal relationships. Choose to learn from the best how to establish constructive and fruitful relationships with your clients, and so you will not only win clients but also friends.


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I like the way you explain all these, and some of these advises are useful for our day by day. Who would thought that simple things can call people attention? In some way I feel that you're a psychologist or something, it's really great :)