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40 Offline Business ideas

Discussion in 'Offline Business' started by WebmastersMind, Jun 18, 2017.

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    If you dream about a business on your own, which bring you a constant and beautiful source of income, you can consider the option of starting a business beside the job or why not to whom you totally dedicate yourself. Many people are wondering how to make money online, but this is as difficult as making in real life. Because this area seems relatively complicated I will help you presenting 40 ideas for offline business and a few steps to help you choose one ore more of them.

    First step:
    Here you have the list. Please choose 10 of those 40 ideas, that attract you the most and that you think you can do the best.

    1. Pizza with home delivery
    2. Window cleaning
    3. Sale of handicraft products
    4. Interior design
    5. Rent themed costumes
    6. Babysitter agency
    7. Housekeeping agency
    8. Floral arrangements
    9. Document correction and editing services
    10. Flower delivery at home
    11. Guest house
    12. Salad stand
    13. Juice stand
    14. Car wash
    15. Customized T-shirts
    16. Wedding planner
    17. Pet care
    18. Children's party club
    19. Catering company
    20. Selling of solar panels and wind turbines
    21. External wall insulation
    22. Second-hand products
    23. External home design
    24. Antique dealer
    25. Used furniture company
    26. Biological products
    27. Agriculture
    28. Business survey services (testing customer satisfaction and what they would like to buy)
    29. Dog training
    30. Copywriting
    31. Call center
    32. Pet Shop
    33. Make hand-made photo frames
    34. Make decorations for Easter and Christmas
    35. Home catering company
    36. Office furniture company
    37. Repair broken things
    38. Sale of breed dogs
    39. Donut shop
    40. Old books selling

    Second step:
    Now that you have chosen your best 10 business ideas wrote them in Excel, it's time to add another 5 starting from them. It may take hours for you, but it is a very important step, which I ask you not to omit. After all, it's your future at stake.

    Step three:
    Do you have an Excel with 15 business ideas? Perfect, it's time to expand it. We'll do this by adding multiple columns to the right.
    Please add the following columns:

    - Difficulty
    - Approximate initial investment
    - How many I know about it
    - How passionate I am

    Step four:
    Now I ask you to give a mark from 1 to 10 for each business idea in each of the four aspects. It will take you something, especially since you have to estimate the initial investment, but this must be approximate at this stage not necessarily based on detailed calculations.

    Have you finished? Perfect! Now, please make a column to the right, where you can calculate the scores of each business idea. Once you've done this, please select and order the entire table down. The final result will be a table with the best business ideas for you at the top of it. All you have to do is to look at the top 5 to decide which of these is your future business.
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