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5 Essential elements of a successful website


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Every site is different, from the field of activity to the design chosen and the message sent. Between all these elements there is a very close connection, namely, depending on the field of activity, the images and colors that represent the company must be chosen, and then how the desired message will be transmitted. On a short visit to your website, the client needs to understand who you are, what services or products you offer, why you would choose yourself and what your products or services are different from those of your competitors. Next, we'll focus on the key elements of a site and how to use each one at full capacity.

1. The page about us
A new visitor on the site? Now is the time to impress him. The "About Us" page must contain information about who you are and what you are doing. If you have a rich experience behind, focus on evolution, it creates a parallel between the beginnings of the company and the present. You can even include a "what our clients say" section. If, instead, your business is at the beginning, focus more on goals and what you do to meet them. Regardless of the field of activity, the competition is great, and your site has to capture the elements by which you differentiate it from it, whether it's the experience, the tools used or the interesting features of your products.

2. Navigation
Your site must provide the visitor with a simple and intuitive navigation. The more complicated this process, the more visitors will leave your site faster. Depending on the type of site and its complexity, web design specialists recommend using between 5 and 10 navigation menus. These are generally located at the top or left of a site and are meant to remind visitors where they are on the site, what other information they can find and how they can return to the Home page.

3. Contact information
When a client or potential client wants to contact one of the team members, they must quickly find the contact details. That's why this information is positioned at the top of each page on the site or as a separate page. It is mandatory to provide several channels through which they can contact you at company headquarters (address), phone number, email, social media, live chat. You can also consider creating a contact form. Its advantage is that users can quickly contact you without having to leave the site.

4. Quality images
The images attract the attention of the visitors and represent an effective way of presenting their products, services, but at the same time the team. You must, however, maintain a balance between the number of images added and the amount of content. Use pictures just to highlight what you present through texts and messages.

5. Use bold
Most visitors will not fully read the content of the site, but will just "scan" it. Therefore, make sure that the most important information differs from the rest of the texts. To make it easier to navigate, use bullets, create short paragraphs and leave an empty space.