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About ''Answer to Win Money by Webmasters Mind'' and Rules

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Have you ever asked yourself how to earn or make money without investing and at the same time learning something and having fun? Every 24-48 hours on this forum will be organized a contest in which the members will have the chance to win between 10 and 99 cents answering a question launched by the Owners. Who answer first will win the money. Payment is made through PayPal.

1. Don't spam with answers, you can post once.
2. After you win, post a screenshot with the proof of payment.
3. Who doesn't claim his prize in 48 hours loses it and is given to the next participant who responded in the second place.

4. Don't cheat! If you do that you will be on the blacklist everywhere and banned from here.
5. Have fun and good luck!
Not open for further replies.