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About Email Marketing Campaigns and Top Platforms


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An email marketing is a way of direct and personalized communication with current customers, as well as recognition of the brand by future consumers. Basically, an email marketing campaign is made every time an email is sent to a subscriber list. Many businesses that appeal to such campaigns don't accurately measure the efficiency of sending a newsletter. Moreover, they don't even think of a segmentation of customer databases.

is the process by which we divide the database into multiple mailing lists, based on different criteria, such as: customer past purchases, demographics, their preferences, desired bid type, etc.

The idea behind email marketing is that we build a list of clients and potential customers who want to be up to date with the news we deliver. And how do I do that? They subscribe to the newsletter. Unlike other tactics, e-mail marketing focuses on building relationships and is very personal, as you talk directly to the audience.

There is a multitude of email marketing services that help you to get directly into the inbox customers at reasonable prices. In this way, your company is perceived by customers as closer and the relationship with them will be closer. Below we will present you three of the best email marketing services.

1. Aweber
Are you a beginner or expert? Aweber is the solution if you are doing the first steps in email marketing, but if you already want more advanced features from this type of service. E-mail campaigns created by great brands, powerful messages and impressive design attract thousands of subscribers that translate quickly into customers. With the Drag & Drop Editor, you make newsletters in 3 easy steps: 1.Design 2. Share 3. Publish.

2. GetResponse
With this service you have the ability to integrate third-party applications and services, but their number is not as large as Aweber's. Also, in order for all to work, it is necessary to install Zapier. It's not difficult to use, but it can be a hindrance to combining your email list with other services.

3. Mad Mimi
Unlike the other two e-mail marketing services that are veterans in this field and dominate the market by 16 years , Mad Mimi was launched in 2008 as a cheaper alternative to these.

Thanks @WebmastersMind for allowing to post this thread!


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I totally agree with your every point and yes email marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with the current customers. Here, if I talk about an email marketing campaign that is made every time an email is sent to a subscriber list. Nowadays, most of the people are doing this marketing and gaining profit.