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About Podcasts


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This is not my business, it's just a hobby. I hope you like because I write from my experience.

What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are digital media files (mostly audio but also video) produced in the form of serials that are distributed free of charge on the Internet and can be downloaded and listened to on portable devices (smartphones, ipods, tablets) or on computers. They are like radio broadcasts, published and downloadable from the internet.

How do you listen to podcasts?
A special podcast application is installed on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. For Apple products I use iTunes. For Android, search for "podcast" in the playstore and choose one of apps you want.

Once the app installs, you can search for podcasts by category, by podcast name or artist name.

Several variants will appear in search results, like on Google. You can see more information about each podcast, who is the subject, who is the developer, how many episodes he has, when the last episode was and a list of all episodes appeared.

You have the option to download the episodes on your device to listen to them when you have no internet connection or listen them without downloading when you have a WiFi connection or mobile phone network.

What podcasts exist?
As a listener, if you speak English, in iTunes you can find podcasts about any topic you want.
Here are some of the iTunes categories: Arts, Business, Comedy, Movies and TV, Sports, Technology, Music, Children and Family, Politics, Religion, Education etc.
There are quite a lot in Spanish, French, German but less than in English, so if you do not know English, you should start learning it. xD

Who listens and who produces podcasts?
The site www.edisonresearch.com has posted an interesting statistic about US podcast consumers:
- 29% of the US population listened at least once a podcast
- 26% of the population watched at least once a video podcast
- 8% of the population listens daily to podcasts in the car

Anyone who has a computer and a microphone can produce and publish a podcast. Without a microphone, you can use a smartphone.
However, anyone who wants to have superior audio quality needs to make some investments in more performing equipment.
At present there are podcasts produced by so many companies as well as ordinary people or celebrities.

A large percentage of existing podcasts are produced by people who have an online businesses because it's a great way to make their brand known.

Where you can listen podcasts?
Today, everyone has a portable "smart" device that can listen to podcasts, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or iPod.

Such a gadget allows you to listen to podcasts in all kinds of places: at the gym, in the car, at home, on the run, on the street.

Podcasts helped me learn a lot about many areas like entrepreneurship, investment, online business, fitness, foreign languages, etc. So I suggest to you in your free time to spend it right.