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About PTC (Paid To Click)

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PTC or Paid to click are sites that pay you to visit a page and stay on it for a certain amount of time, like 30 seconds, depending on each one. There are hundreds of such sites, but there are few who pay well and on time. This method is less effective, bringing you $10 a month without referrals, but it becomes very profitable when you refer. Referral is a person who registers on a site with your recommendation. If you link it to a site with your username, every time that person visits it, you get a commission. At most PTC sites you receive 100% of referral earnings.

You are paid for every link you visit. For this, you need to register on one or more of the sites (for that you can visit the Top PTC list) and start making money from home. Each site contains a number of links to be accessed daily (can be finded in "View Advertisements", "View Ads" or "Surf Ads"). These links are sponsored - paid by businesses that want to have visitors on sites. So the income has a real support. If you intend to sign up for multiple sites (for faster profits, it is advisable to use the same registration data (user, password, email), beacause it's hard for you to remember all the information. If not, you can write all the data on a Text Document file.

People who click for you are called referrals. Their income is not affected by the fact that they "work" for you. Also, you are the "referral" of someone, whether you are coming to that site on the recommendation of a friend, or that you get there by chance. You have to understand that it is not a pyramidal game or any quick enrichment scheme. If you recommend a friend to sign up for a site of this kind, he will automatically become your "referral". He can no longer be the referral of anybody. While he is accessing the paid links, he automatically accesses for you too. If your friend, in turn, recommends a third person that link, that third person will be your friend's referral. Now depends on which PTC system you were chosen. Some pay you for your friend's referral and others not. Those referrals" can be yours in two ways: either enter these sites on your recommendation or buy them from that site. I advise you to not invest anything, just make a free account.

How you can get the money:

Okay, we make money from clicks, but where are they? After all, for money we look for referrals and do these clicks. You may have already noticed, on each PTC site there is a personal section of the user. Depending on the site, this section appears under "Stats," "My Stats," or "Members". There are the personal statistics of each user. For example you can find out how many clicks you've given, how many referrals you have, how many clicks each gave and how much money you have in your account. With every link you visit, the total amount increases.
To receive the money you have to apply two conditions:
1) Achieve the minimum amount that PTC site accept. This value is usually between $2 and $10, but may vary from service to service.
2) Have an account at a "virtual bank'' - an online payment processor. This is more like an intermediary service. An advantage is that you don't risk to reveal your personal data and you can't lose money. Everything is fast and free. As a popular service, I recommend PayPal because it is the best known. Most PTC sites accept that without problems.

I wish you success, and if there are any questions or suggestions, you can write them in the comment section.