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Religion Atheism and unconscious disaster in which the atheists can enter

Archangel Michael

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The best question is, "What happens to your soul when you are without faith?" You are an atheist. When you are an atheist, your spirit is left to chance, just like a feather in the wind, and demons can “kneel down”very fast your soul. Even if God loves you, your life is no longer in his hands. God takes his hands on you because your already made a choice. Since that moment act the law of karma, of the zodiacs, the attack of your subconscious or maybe the curses on your family. Your perspective, the way you look at the world, are different from those of a man with faith, you don’t believe in God's power, you believe in man's power. You feel that all the power is in your hands, that everything depends on you, that you are basically God.
All these are Satan’s traps. These are like drugs to increase your self-esteem, which will lead to pride, even to madness.

I was talking above about the disaster that the Atheists can enter. First of all, Satan attacks your people(family)being deprived of children. Being an atheist , you risk not having children, or if you have children, they will end up terribly.

Also, when you are an atheist, you are subject to charms and curses, in this case you are harming yourself or your family. I will give you some examples of atheists and some examples of their life and please comment and give your opinion. Examples: Ion Iliescu atheist being, was deprived of children, and the evil he did to Romania, God knows only. Sergiu Nicolaescu he declared himself an atheist with a beautiful career as actor and director, but with a politically disastrous career, being also deprived of children. (Even if in the past he had the love of many women, he didn’t had children) Albert Einstein - a great genius of intelligence, and at the same time, in my view, a bizarre character because he was a traitor to the country and his generation, a man who built the atomic bomb, which was later used by Americans, which about 500 thousands innocent people died. (the war ended and there was no point to do it.) Even if Albert Einstein had 3 children (two boys and a girl), only one of his two sons walked in the footsteps of his father, choosing a career in science, while the little son ended up in a sanitarium. Are not so many things about Einstein's daughter, because she has a very short life

I could give you some more examples of personalities, but I do not want to go too deep in this way. From what I've studied, everything seems clear. Some other examples of personalities whose children had a tragic end would be: Nicolae Ceaușescu, Joseph Stalin and many others.
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