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bitcoin trading


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bitcoin trading There is a number of reasons that explain why most bitcoin and other currencies these are the main ones: Jurisdiction requirements: depending on where the exchange is based, they are required by law to request and store personal data of their users. That is usually needed to avoid money laundry and other suspicious activities. Fraud prevention: this is probably the main reason why exchanges require verification. Avoiding credit card fraud is a top concern among exchanges, and verification reduces the risk of fraud for exchanges. Security: unlike credit card purchases, which can be charged back, that is not the case with digital currencies. If a coin is sent to another wallet without authorization, it is very unlikely to recover it. Verification and other security measures help exchanges to protect their servers and also your individual wallet. Now that we know why exchanges often require verification, we can analyze our options below. Buying Bitcoins Without Verification and ID Now let’s get to our options. It is important to stress that every company has their own criteria for accepting new customers. While some will not require any typ of verification, others will require just a card verification, but no ID, documents or scans. In many cases you can only buy digital currencies without verification for small purchases. [URL]https://www.x-crypto.com[/URL]