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Bitpalas - 10% daily

Discussion in 'Investement Strategies and Programs' started by CyRaw, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. CyRaw

    CyRaw Well-Known Member Registered SEO Expert Freelancer Active Member

    I will introduce a new investment site that appeared this year on June 12, 2017.
    Only Bitcoin is used.
    Investment plans are 3:
    10% daily forever: Minimum 0.001 BTC; Maximum 5 BTC.
    12% daily forever: Minimum 5.001 BTC; Maximum 30 BTC.
    15% daily forever: Minimum 30.001 BTC; Maximum 300 BTC.
    Referral Commission: 5% - 1%.
    Withdrawals are instant, minimum 0.0005 Bitcoin.
    WARNING: these sites have a very high risk !! Don't risk if you don't want to lose. Invest your money smart!
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