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Creating back-links after my own website with ssl included


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The best method is to produce quality content, with bad content, backlinks will not help you too much. Start posting content relevant to the site, not keywords, and without doing any keyword research activity, only posts that may be beneficial to users.


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When it comes to SEO, creating backlinks is the biggest challenge. Consuming for a long time and with a lot of headaches.
In a perfect world, there are three types of external links that you can get to your site.

Natural Links
There are links that are assigned by an editor to credit your site or your company. There is no interference from the link recipient. From the point of view of SEO, you have to do nothing but create extraordinary content and make it visible on the internet.
As is to be expected, these links are the most precious.

Requested Backlinks
Links that are obtained as a result of a request to a blogger or company owning the site.
These links may also bear the advertiser name paid.
Another example is when you submit a site to be published in a niche web design directory.

Backlinks that are created by you
Links that you attach to profiles, comments, signatures in forums. These links have the weakest value and should not exaggerate with them.

1. Directory Submission
2. Social Bookmarking
3. Web 2.0 Blog Posting
4. Comment Posting
5. Forum Profile and Signature
6. Article Submission


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I think getting back links with ssl is too hard, It is totally depends on another website webmaster, whether who gives links back or not ?

Now almost every site have ssl or need to have ssl. Backlinks you can buy or you can make your own. Buy expired domain with good metrics and then just post 3-4 articles and one with backlink to your money site