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Design elements required for a successful Online Shop


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Designing an online store is crucial. The images, architecture, and airworthiness of a site determine the experience it provides to visitors. In eCommerce, it is important to provide a pleasant experience as it will affect the number of orders placed.

In this thread, we'll talk about the design elements that improve both airworthiness and site conversion rate:

1. Search bar
Even if you have a small number of products, you need a functional search bar.

Many people are accustomed to shopping with search functionality. If it is absent, they may choose to leave the site.

Many eCommerce platforms offer the option of a search field. If you are preparing to create an online store, make sure that the chosen solution has this functionality.

Another important aspect is how the search bar works. It must verify the name, description, and characteristics of the products. It will present all the relevant results.

2. Quality of the content
Online stores are based on complete descriptions and high-quality images to showcase their products as well.

First, these details create trust and help visitors determine if the products are right for them.

Secondly, the quality of the content should make the products as attractive as possible. For example, descriptions should contain both the product specifications and the benefits the customer can get if they buy them.

Content on the site can also help you present your brand and strengthen the store-client relationship. For this reason, you must make sure that there is no misspelling or poor quality image.

3. Responsive design
About a year ago, web traffic generated by mobile devices exceeded that generated by computers. This is a clear sign that online stores need a well-optimized website for phones, otherwise they are likely to remove a significant source of traffic.

Responsive design is a web design approach that ensures that the site is enjoyable and easy to navigate, regardless of the device used.

If your online store or eCommerce platform is not sophisticated or optimized for mobile devices, you risk losing potential customers and slowing down your growth.

4. Company Information
The story of the company's foundation and major achievements can be used to shape your brand. By using an "About Us" page, you'll become more familiar with online store customers.

This information creates trust, a very important factor for the visitor's decision to place an order.

If the store had appearances in the press, you should mention this on the site. This will create a stronger sense of security and professionalism.

Other information that should be present is the return policy, privacy policy, and cookie usage policy.

5. Social Element
Another important way to win your visitors' trust is by including reviews and buttons through which people can share your site on social media platforms.

Reviews are beneficial because they give visitors the chance to hear the impartial view of their customers. In addition, reviews can improve the SEO score of the product pages and the site.

Buttons to distribute on social networks bring two great benefits:

  • If a visitor shares a store page, it can add extra traffic. Moreover, people have more confidence in the posts of their friends and relatives than in companies published by companies.
  • If a blog article has been distributed by multiple people, and this is displayed on the page, new visitors will see this as a sign of the quality of the content.
Instead, if you just launched the online store and do not have reviews or distributions, do not activate these features yet. Visitors may see the lack of reviews as a sign that the store is not trustworthy.

Implements these items on the site after you've started receiving orders on a regular basis.

With these five tips, you can build the foundation for your online store growth. Depending on your company and your audience, some items will be more important than others, but none ought to be missing.

We recommend that you test and experiment with different designs of these web design elements, as well as try new ideas. You can easily monitor your results through Google Analytics.