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Does it Matter the HTTPS Protocol (SSL) for SEO?


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Everyone will answer YES, because that's what Google said, or because Matt Cutts said in some of his videos, that the HTTPS protocol is one of over 200 indexing factors for websites. But let's dig a little in this area, see if it really gets this SEO effort for your site.

HTTPS protocol failures (SSL)
What nobody takes into account, and in fact for who does not read the body of a post but just the title, is that HTTPS (SSL implementation) also brings trouble.

Some of the unpleasant HTTPS implementations in your site, if you have a site with a good traffic and good visibility, is that an extra redirect from HTTP and HTTPS means a few percent of the juiced link.

Plus, your entire link building made in recent years is affected by the simple fact that any link "left" on you on certain sites is HTTP, not HTTPS. So here's another 5% to 10% link-juice value for each redirect that goes to your site. Therefore, you need to pass to this protocol only if the type of site you administer is really recommended.

Who Should Change HTTP Protocol to HTTPS?
The HTTPS protocol has the value to protect the information sent to the site by its users by encryption: whether it's personal data, whether it's email or credit card data.

At this point, you've figured out what sites need to implement HTTPS. Absolutely all websites that have the visitors' sign-up area, all sites that in one way or another make a link to extract any kind of information from users that have as a field completion action. (not to be confused with the general information extracted by Google Analytics about users).

So, you all others who simply have presentation sites or any type of site that does not extract visitors' data are safe, you do not have to implement this protocol.

Does Google know you have a presentation site?
Of course, each visit of Google crawls on your site means hundreds of pings in every area of the site by searching for default URLs and login forms. When the site is "login and registration forms free", it is considered a safe site and will not be penalized and will not be included in the list of sites that would receive SEO support for the HTTPS implementation.