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Donald Trump claims that he sold F-52' aircraft that doesn't exist


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President Trump produced a sensation at a press conference on the visit of Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg when he said that the United States had sold F-52 fighters to Norway.
If those present have asked themselves initially whether this is a state-of-the-art US Army aircraft capable of dominating Russia's hunting airplanes or, on the contrary, a trick to confuse intelligence - it seems that none of these alternatives is not the correct answer.

The F-52 hunting jet is, at least for the moment, fictional - it can be "piloted" only in the video game "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare".

"In November we began to supply the first F-52 and F-35 fighters," said the White House leader. "At this moment we have a total of 52 and we have already begun to deliver some of them ahead of schedule"

The US president, who made these statements reading the official notes, seems to be wrongly combined with the figure of "52" with "F" - the letter designating the US Army artillery hunting planes.

Lockheed Martin, the company manufacturing these hunting jets, said in an official announcement that the Norwegian government has authorized funding for the acquisition of 40 F-35s, of which 10 units have already been delivered. The company did not specify whether it has an F-52 development program.

The F-35 hunting jet is the state-of-the-art US Air Force aircraft and is the ultimate product of the most expensive military endowment program in US history, estimated at a cost of $ 1 trillion.

President Trump, in September, highlighted the capabilities of this airplane in a characteristic way. "When our enemies hear the F-35 engines, when I hear their thunder over them, their souls will shake and know that the day of judgment has arrived," said the White House leader.