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Facebook Zero: what do you need to know?


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Facebook News Feed will suffer huge changes, so you will need to adjust your communication strategy on the largest social network in the world.

Beyond the official announcement and the many articles you need to read if you're in the field, here's what to expect:
  1. Less public content will be visible (we include videos and messages from pages here).
  2. Will considerably decrease: reach, video watch time, and page traffic referral.
  3. Posts will be arranged differently by the new algorithm, giving priority to those who "spark conversations and significant interactions between people," according to Facebook.
What do we need to learn?

Here are six steps you can already take to increase your chances of success on Facebook after these changes will come into effect:
  1. Publish less often - it will be more difficult, but it will be necessary.
  2. Create content that stimulates conversations - that is, those comments that occur between the fans of the page.
  3. You already start making a live video. Why? According to Facebook, you will have 6 times more interactions with such content.
  4. No more comments on posts. Facebook has promised to disqualify and not display such posts in the News Feed.
  5. Learn to Own Facebook Ads. It will be the only safe option to generate traffic from Facebook to sites.
  6. Get started and learn everything about Messenger Chat robots. They will help you find customers and bring leads.
Perhaps this change in the way Facebook works will be a major turning point for companies and the way many of them are implementing their marketing and social media strategy.

And you'll probably have to learn to use new utensils (such as robots, Facebook advertising, or live streaming). But you will have far greater chances if you start now.


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I think that news and companies Facebook pages will suffer from this change, it's not time to complain about mercy but to learn what is changing so that we can capitalize on the changes to become better in what we do in social media.


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I think all we have to do is to not exaggerate the number of daily posts, advertisements, comments or likes. The more normal we face, the better facebook will take us to the top of news feed.