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Factors that increase your position in the Google 2018 ranking


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There are more than 150 factors set by Google, which lead to an increase or decrease of the position in its ranking and which determines the SEO score of a website. The algorithm continues to change constantly, so it's possible that year after year or periodically notice a decrease in Google's position, even if you meet all the criteria.

Here are some of the newest factors for SEO on-page and SEO off-page, along with improving the user experience. By learning and applying these factors, you have every chance of increasing your search results.

# Content - A few years ago, SERPs were manually controlled. But now Google has algorithms like RankBrain, which is always looking for quality content. For this reason, it is essential to have relevant and unique content on the site.

# Trusted site - Depending on the relevance of search and user experience, Google must mark the site as a trusted site. A trusted symbol is https links, which can be activated by installing an encrypted SSL certificate.

# Mixed content - Still, after installing an SSL, there are cases where link redirection has not been properly performed from http to https, which is why the mixed content error occurs.

# Number of pages - a multiple-page website appears to have better indexing than just a single page of presentation. This may also be due to indexing varied content.

# Sitemap - It guides Google about the number of posts, pages and social media present on the site. It should be added to the site.

# Contact Page - Google always checks the person / company behind the site. For this reason, it is indispensable to have a contact page with the correct information.

# Frequent posts - The search engine continues to periodically check the frequency with which new content is uploaded to the site and adds a plus to those sites that have updated content.

# Design - Many site owners ignore the way they look. But Google pays special attention to those sites that have up-to-date, modern, responsive design. So, if you have an obsolete website, it would be ideal for a redesign.

# Uptime - is the best reason why you need to purchase a reliable web hosting service to ensure 99.9% service functionality.

# Reviews - customer reviews count a lot. Also, those reviews that are displayed on profile sites, such as forums, with a link to your site, are also important.

# Navigation - Site navigation must be easy, easily accessible, pages and posts are easy to explore.

# Web Domain - The domain name must be short or at least easy to memorize so that it does not create difficulties in writing and accessing it.

# Keywords - It's essential when creating your site to have keywords that are on the page, relevant words that users will search on Google to find you. It must be present in the link, in the title, in the meta-description. It is also ideal to place the keyword in the case of a description or blog article in the first 100 words.

# Images - and the images added to the site must be optimized, containing the relevant keyword in the title and description.

# Plugins - to make it easier to add content on-page, SEO plugins can be installed to help you set keyword, tile, meta-description and description dentity.

# Speed - Google loves fast sites, which is why you should increase the speed of loading pages if it takes more than a few seconds. Speed may be due to platform-level settings or to resources allocated to the hosting account.

# Duplicate content - in any form, not duplicate or retrieved content from other sites. For example, if you have an online store with products, do not use the same description for all products, but create unique content for each product with the relevant relevant description.

# Grammar - a perfect writing and grammar is a positive sign for Google because it will consider the content as a qualitative one.

# External Links - It is recommended to have links to other websites with good SEO reputation. Google associates a trusted collaboration between them.

# Errors - a website that is not cleaned, scanned, and updated frequently, may have a number of code errors. Coding errors can result in a loss of position in the leaderboard, which is why a programmer's intervention is required.

# Categories and Tags - Content posted on the site is recommended to be categorized and labeled, factors that play an important role for SEO.

# Direct Traffic - Google makes a comparison between accessing the site through its direct URL compared to access from other recommended sources, such as social media - this comp report

# Social Media - You must have social media buttons on your site to redirect to pages specifically created for that site. Google also takes into account the number of likes, shares or tweets or Google Plus.

# Interaction time - Google analyzes the time a person is engaged with the content on the site and considers this aspect.

# Ads - Google does not encourage pop-up ads. advertisements on the website must not adversely affect the user experience of navigation.

Finally, there are only a few of the most important ranking factors. They do not have to be all fulfilled, but the more, the better. However, it is essential not to shift from the natural purpose of the website to presenting relevant information to the user in an accessible manner.