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Forum aggregation - is it legal?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Wolf Soul, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Wolf Soul

    Wolf Soul Member Registered

    I want to set up a web site which shows information from a bunch of different forums on one page.
    From each forum there will be subjects of new posts and beginning of its content when you point a cursor to it. Then user can click on the subject and open the website. So it means I am not going to publish 100% of forums content, just subjects as links to original forum plus a little bit of posts content to give reader an idea what this post is about.

    There are some news sites that use similar approach to aggregate news from different sites/blogs.

    It will be also profitable for the forums that I am going to use because they will have additional traffic for free.

    I am wondering about legal side of this idea.

  2. newbie

    newbie Member Registered Active Member

    I'm not very familiar with this site making stuff, but your idea about your sites service is good. Hoping to hear from it these next months. Looking forward to be using it in the future. Its big innovation.
  3. Roversin11

    Roversin11 Active Member Registered

    I'm fairly sure that aggregating links to content is fine; if you start aggregating the actual posts, however, that'd be going too far.

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