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Free SEO optimization tips


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SEO optimization of a website or blog is a long-term process, involving both the optimization of each page and the internal links within the site.

In order to get the best out of the SEO optimization process for your site, it is necessary to keep up with the new requirements, techniques, and strategies that will allow you to react quickly to different events that can influence your business.

Moreover, everything you have applied in recent years is almost no longer true because the techniques that worked in the past do not have the same results today.

Although Google is beginning to lose ground in front of Facebook, however, the search engine giant remains the most important factor for any website owner. To be optimized in Google, requirements are relatively acceptable and accessible to everyone, such as short page load times, relevant and quality content and no other unacceptable things - spam, hidden or paid links, because the site will be penalized by a search engine.

Some useful tips for what SEO currently represents for the search engine can be a few ideas to implement and a few simple, simple steps to follow and take into account in a random order.

Social Media - More recently, search engines rely heavily on this aspect, considering how many followers you have, how many shares or likes. As in real life, the world tends to have more trust in a company that has more employees than a small company with few employees. That means, the more you like, the share or the followers, the more credibility you will have for Google. To do this, add social buttons on the site, such as "share", "tweet", "google plus". The recommendation is to not only promote products on social networks because these networks are not dedicated to shopping, but more to socialization. So here, try to connect with potential clients through educational advice and publications.

Quality content - an important aspect that search engines have begun to place a great deal of emphasis is the content of the pages that highlight quality. Just as Google says "Content Is King!", These words express the strong influence of a site with a lot of original content, offered for free to visitors and meant to educate. If you want to promote a site that has certain services, and intend to get to the top search engine result page, you need to know that the most important thing is to provide the public with quality content added as often as possible. So, a unique content of high importance will rank that page in the first position, with Google considering that information is useful to users. Also, the content should be relevant to your business type and have a positive impact on the reader, which motivates it to give it "share," "like."

Keywords - Generating keywords for the content of the page helps optimize SEO for search engines. It is recommended not to add more than one word, maximum two for an article, a word that must be in the title, meta-description, content and the last paragraph. Also, underline Bold or Italic just the set keywords, not a whole sentence, because the emphasis is considered by Google as a keyword, so the search engine is misinformed, which leads to a low optimization. More recently, Google has implemented new rules on this issue, namely, giving up the exact keywords for Adwords campaigns.

Tags and meta-description - these contain additional page information, which is only visible to search engines. Meta-deletion is of particular importance, as it is used by search engines as a short description of the page and should have about 150 characters, contain the short subject of the page and be attractive to users. Although it is of little importance in determining the position in the search engines, it is important from the perspective that it can convince the user to click on your link and not on a competitor site.

External links - these are the way the pages of a website are linked. Starting from the front page, create links to the most important pages of the site, both for directing visitors to its important sections and for linking the PageRank to them. Use keywords in the anchor of the link and try to place the links in the context.

Mobile Devices - Because the number of users using smartphones is growing, it is advisable that the site's web pages be responsive. Number of users who use smartphones or you