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Freebies Rules and Guide


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1. No Self-Promotion, this includes use of cash links such as sharecash.

2. No affiliate marketing links of any kind are to be used as an entry form for a giveaway. This includes, but is not limited to CPA offers, Affiliate links, Referrals Links. If you require users to complete a survey, purchase something, register to a website, etc., you will be infracted and your giveaway will be deleted.

3. Trading does not belong here,!

4. When your giveaway is over or you run out of things to give away in your thread, please let a Moderator know so that they can close the thread. You can do so by mentioning one of the Mods or by reporting your own thread. There will be no consequences for reporting your thread, unless you have violated the rules of this section and the forum.

5. No asking for likes. Asking for likes will result you being either warned or infracted and in some cases banned based on the amount of infractions you have obtained. In addition to that in many cases your lokes, which you have received due to asking, will be removed.

6. If you start a giveaway you are responsible for fulfilling it. You may get banned if you do not fulfill, i.e. posting fake giveaways just for the likes.

7. No Spamming
- Posts such as "Great find!" will be considered spam and you could face a Warning, Infraction, Ban based on the severity and frequency of your violation.

Prohibited Items

Lockerz Invites
Credit Card Numbers
Carded Items
Any illegal content
What To Do If You See Violation?

Use the Report Button and report the user who is violating the rules.
- Please write a detailed description of what the violation is.