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From July, Chrome will mark all sites without HTTPS as insecure


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The new version of Chrome 68 is due to be released in July 2018. Beginning with this, sites that have not installed an SSL certificate will be marked insecure. Of course, throughout this time, Google has consistently announced the intention of this change and has taken step-by-step action.

Since last year, both Google and Mozilla have begun to promote the idea of encryption by activating an SSL, and have been working hard on these changes all the time. Thus, at the user interface level, a secure website is marked with a green locket and https: // link, marked "Secure".

At the same time, modern browsers have gradually begun to mark "Non-Secure" those websites that do not have an encrypted connection. Initially, alerts started when you entered a password on an insecure site. Subsequently, in the autumn, the volume grew and all sites that ask for personal data to be unsafe were marked.

With the release of the new July 68 Chrome version, all sites that have not installed an SSL will be unsafe.

Why is it trying to move it as quickly as possible to HTTPS? Because HTTP is an outdated protocol for modern browser standards, current technologies and devices. Through HTTP, the data transmitted from the browser to the server can be intercepted. Instead, with the HTTPS protocol, the connection is secure. In fact, the site even performs better on HTTPS.

Therefore, site owners who didn')t activate uncertified SSL would be advised to take the initiative as soon as possible in order to avoid marking them as insecure.