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Get Paid for Shopping

Discussion in 'Cashback' started by CyRaw, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. CyRaw

    CyRaw Well-Known Member Registered SEO Expert Freelancer Active Member

    Cashback or Get Paid to Shop is a service that it gives you money back when you shop online from partner stores.
    More explained: The way these cash back sites work is, whenever you want to shop online, you first log into your members area. Next you click on a link that takes you to the site where you want to do your shopping. This click gives the site you are using a commission for clicking on their link. They take that commission and share a part of it with you. Everybody wins.

    Best Cashback Sites
    1. TopCashBack

    TopCashBack is consistently the highest paying rebate site and that includes huge retailers like Walmart. If you are looking to get the most back without referring people or searching multiple rebate sites, then TCB is your best choice.

    2. MyPoints
    This is one of the oldest rewards programs on the Internet. They have a good size list of stores that you can earn cash back from shopping and they have a ton of different ways to make money.

    3. Mr. Rebates
    Mr. Rebates is the second longest running of these programs, getting their start in 2002. They tend to pay a little bit higher percentage on the stores they do carry.

    4. CouponCactus
    CouponCactus has the largest number of online retailers in their click through list and it isn’t even close. With over 9,000 stores in their list, CouponCactus has twice as many store options as any of cashback rebate site.

    5. Ebates
    They offer the most generous signup bonus with a free $10 when you make at least $25 in qualified purchases in the first 90 days. This is really easy for most people and a good way to get your feet wet while earning some extra cash.
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  2. kitsun3

    kitsun3 Active Member Registered

    I didn't know about this way of saving money. Thank you!
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  3. WebmastersMind

    WebmastersMind Administrative Staff Member Official Support SEO Expert Freelancer

    All of these are good sites. If you need to buy something use one and save some % of your money

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