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Guide: First steps in stock photography

Discussion in 'Stock Phtography' started by WebmastersMind, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. WebmastersMind

    WebmastersMind Administrative Staff Member Official Support SEO Expert Freelancer

    Another way to make money on the internet is selling photos. If you are a freelance photographer or even amateur photographer, you can sell your images on various stock photography sites. Companies all over the world need pictures with everything you can imagine: road signs, landscapes, doors, grass, trees, beaches and so on. The world needs them and pays joyfully to get them.

    Today, anyone can access a hi-end camera, but most of the time the methods and principles underlying a business in the field of photography are far too overlooked. I have often met the idea that "Anyone with a DSLR can earn money in the photo domain" and I will not hide the fact that they generally do not pass two weeks without asking someone what are the first steps to make money from the photo after they acquire a DSLR. I have seen too often the completely wrong idea that if you take a DSLR you are automatically a professional photographer.
    For you, who want to "go to the next level" and start a small business in this area, we've prepared the following tips & tricks:

    • Do not buy the most expensive and most efficient photo equipment when you're in the beginning. Concentrate your efforts to learn and acquire photo equipment as much as your budget allows. Do not get hurt, as long as you are not sure of certain incomes in photography in the future.

    • Do not sell your work inexpensively and do not accept to work for free just because you are in the beginning. Your work is worth it, but it is equally good to provide the customer with seriousness and quality.

    Start a blog or build an online portfolio to promote as much as you can. Most potential customers want to see images before contacting you and therefore a well-structured portfolio is the first step towards success.

    • When you build your portfolio, select only your most successful photos. Here, quality and not quantity matter. A frequent mistake is to try to show that you are the good man at all, and such a work is rarely appreciated.

    And here comes the most interesting part Sell your photos on stock sites.
    On stock sites, the amount and quality of photos is the key. Publish at least one photo per day and do not be discouraged if publishers will refuse your images at first. Improve your technique and try again. Often what an editor rejects today, will be approved by another tomorrow. Below I'll leave you a top with the best stock sites:

    Shutterstock - On this site you can earn between 25 cents and $ 75 when someone downloads one of your photos, video, audio, flash and your illustrations.
    iStockPhoto - You earn 20% of each image sold (priced between $ 1 and $ 20), and if you offer exclusivity for some photos, you can also earn 40% / photo. You can earn from videos, audio, illustrations and flash banners.
    DreamsTime - You can earn between 50% and 80% of each image sold, plus DreamsTime also offers a very attractive affiliate system.
    BigStockPhoto - Earns between 30 cents and 3 dollars from each shot.
    Crestock - On this site, photos are priced between $ 5 and $ 15, your commission is 20%, but after crossing the threshold of 100 sold pictures, the commission increases to 30%.
    PhotoStockPlus - Provides 85% commissions on all sales.
    123RoyaltyFree - Pays 50% for each downloaded image and 15% on each purchased subscription.
    Fotolia - You are paid 50% of the sales and if you affiliate you can still earn another 15% from the affiliates brought by you. It is a very serious site that pays on time.
    ShutterPoint - Has the highest commissions, namely: 85% on all "Royalty Royalty Free" on all sales, 70% on "Standard Royalty Royalty Free" and you are paid up to 10% of affiliate earnings.

    These are just a few ideas that, hopefully, will help you to get a more concrete idea of what means to make money from photography. If you have other ideas, tips & tricks or solutions that helped you, we look forward to discussing this topic below in comments!

  2. Vendeta21

    Vendeta21 Member Registered Full Member

    I think this article satisfies most of a beginner's questions. Thank you! ;)
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  3. kitsun3

    kitsun3 Active Member Registered

    But I'm wondering what I'm going to do ... until I get on my feet .. I do not have any knowledge in the field.
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  4. WebmastersMind

    WebmastersMind Administrative Staff Member Official Support SEO Expert Freelancer

    @kitsun3 everything is to do in small steps.
    If you are interested in finding a mentor, I think the best approach would be to take part in one or even many photography courses.
    Besides that, you should find your way. The way of what you want to photograph.
    I hope that I helped you.
  5. Verox

    Verox Member Registered

    Do you need to have a company to sell stock photos?
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  6. WebmastersMind

    WebmastersMind Administrative Staff Member Official Support SEO Expert Freelancer

    No, you can also sell as a person without any problems.
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