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Have the Parallax websites become a trend?


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Parallax is a site creation technique, very popular in recent years. This trend has started with the emergence of smartphones with a touchscreen, which gives users a truly interactive experience.

Moreover, parallax creates the illusion of a 3D effect while users scroll the page because the background moves at a slower pace than in the foreground.

At the base of the parallax, there were 2D video games that used different moving speeds of background images to create depth illusion. It is important to note that the parallax technique does not eliminate the existence of categories on the site, but it is a technique that further enhances the image, the link between content and user. That's why we recommend it in moderation, so as not to clutter the eyes of the Internet.

Advantages of parallax sites
First of all, here we talk about a lot about aesthetics and less functionality. Among the most important advantages are:
  • It amazes visitors with the depth of the page, as well as animation/video
  • Shows the story of the site content
  • Strikes curiosity and stimulates the interest of visitors
  • Increases the time spent on the page by an intern, encouraging him to scroll
  • Increases credibility due to interactivity

Disadvantages of parallax sites
The main disadvantage is in terms of SEO optimization, as well as the lower loading speed of the site. Other disadvantages include SEO optimization and functionality:
  • Seamless SEO optimization, especially as parallax allows only use one single set of meta
  • A single page with too much information can confuse the user, causing him to quit searching for information
  • Parallax sites are especially used for product/service brands, being a structured presentation of their benefits - because they allow the user to experience the product, to better visualize it.

We do not recommend parallax sites in any situation
Because we are strategists in SEO optimization, we keep in mind that parallax is not a good alternative to web design in any situation. If you have a product/service focused business, then it is a good idea that you deserve to try. Basically, parallax is an option that allows the user to interact better with the product, to know it, to find out the story, to have the experience to share with others.

Equally important is to know that SEO optimization for a parallax site is much more cumbersome and less effective. Because more and more voices claim that parallax is a great alternative and will once again be a trend in web design in 2016-2017, we want to focus on the importance of SEO optimization.

In the case of regular sites, the SEO optimization process takes place much better, easier, with efficient and much faster results.