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How can I boost my brand?


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Make a good first impression
Be consistent
Listen to your customers
Design a great logo
Represent your business with your brand
Always be reliable
Establish strong values
Be transparent
Use a strapline
Print your logo everywhere
Highlight the benefits of your business
Establish trust
Convey a clear message
Display your brand’s colours
Become an authority in the field
Have a long-term vision
Stand out from competitors
Educate employees about your brand
Grow your brand with your business
Define your goals
Create a great pitch
Be flexible
Repeat your message again and again
Give great customer service
Display your back story
Exceed expectations
Offer value for money
Stay in the forefront
Be instantly recognisable
Make a regular contact with customers
Be consistent with photos
Know your target market
Use social media
Provide a rounded experience
Create a professional website
Create relationships with other brands
Give out stuff for free
Combine marketing strategies
Network with peers
Get feedback
Start a company blog
Show off
Attend local events
Sponsor an event or charity
Gain a reputation
Continue to learn
Be professional online
Promote your achievements
Engage local as national customers
Be brilliant


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Also, the customer is the most important. Here you have my list of 10 things about customers.

1. Cusotmers value ''Good'' service more than ''fast'' service.
2. Customers love personalization, they will gladly pay more for it.
3. Customers will remember you if you can remember their name.
4. There are few things customers talk about more than a pleasant surprise.
5. Creating goodwill with customers doesn't need to be expensive.
6. Customers will stick with your loyalty programs if you get them started.
7. Customers love brand stories and silling trough stories is effective.
8. If you are struggling to innovate your customers are a great resource.
9. Selling ''time'' over money helps customers see the value of your brand.
10. If you bring up money, it makes customers more self-centered.