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How do you set automatic backup to WordPress in Dropbox or Drive in 5 minutes?


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Anything can happen on the Internet and as I said repeatedly: Backup is holy and to sleep even more quietly it would be ideal not to be on the same server with the site. You can use Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and some other cloud services.

The only downside to backing up the cloud is that you have to pay for storage if you do not, of course. Both Dropbox and Google Drive seem to offer 2GB for free, but it does not help if your site occupies more space.

I use Dropbox and I have a weekly backup to the blog, which is done automatically every Sunday. For such a task I recommend one of the Updraftplus plugins (free for Dropbox, Google Drive, and premium for One Drive) and BackWPup for Dropbox and premium for Google Drive). I use the second one, it's very easy to use and offers everything I need.

How to schedule a weekly backup in Dropbox:
1. Install the BackWPup plugin
2. In the BackWPup menu, select Add new job
1.In the General tab

  • You type a random job name
  • At Tasks, check Backup Database and Mandatory File Backup, the rest are optional
  • Tick Archive Format -> .zip
  • Tick Where should your backup file be stored? -> Backup to Dropbox
  • Add an email address
3. In the Schedule tab tick Start job with WordPress cron and set Weekly or by preference
4. In Tabs, you exclude other sites or files that are not part of your WordPress
5. In the "To: Dropbox" tab, click on the "Get Dropbox App Auth Code" button and sign in to the Dropbox account in your browser. Here you also set the number of backups you want / can keep at the same time.
6. Save everything and you're done.

To run a test, you can click on Run now and wait for it to load, in minutes you should have an archive in Dropbox. Unzip it and make sure you also have an .sql file on it.
Do this before you hit something serious. If you do not want to pay Dropbox or Google Drive, at least regularly download the site's archive (you can also do it automatically using the above plug-ins). Do not play with fire!