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How does Website Hosting affect your SEO Campaign?


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How Does Website Hosting Affect Your SEO Campaign? As you well know the SEO campaign is a huge benefit for any website, regardless of its complexity. The additional traffic generated by it plays a major role in increasing the volume of sales and, implicitly, the value of the company.

The dilemma discussed here is how web hosting affects your SEO campaign and I will start with a simple and concrete answer: it's true! Your SEO campaign is directly affected by your chosen web hosting and should be set up from the very beginning to prevent future problems.

Making the right choice for the web hosting company does not guarantee an increase in rank in the search engine, but helps avoid the consequences that may result from inappropriate choices (and believe me to be significant). Therefore, you need to be careful when making this decision and not to base your choice on the lowest price.
There are a significant number of factors that can influence the SEO campaign, and the most relevant of them are the following:

The downtime of the server
Mainly, the downtime of the hosting server is the first major test of choosing a right company. Unfortunately, this test requires a longer period of time (about 1-2 months), because the failure rate of the server should be checked.

This is the first alarm signal about the seriousness and stability of the company you choose. It is worth mentioning that operating time not only affects the overall performance of the website but also the search engine result pages (SERPs) along with the SEO goal itself.

No website is perfect and there will definitely be some time periods when the site will be inactive, but if they occur excessively then something is wrong with the company. In addition, another notable factor that merges harmoniously with the downtime of the server is the assistance and interest given by the hosting company in solving technical problems at any time of the day. Nor should they be overlooked!

Load time of website
How does web hosting affect your campaign SEOUn another important and necessary factor for any website is the short load time of web pages. If a site is slow and requires a long time to load, then users will quit and move to the next result on the list. Following a universally recognized study, it has been discovered that the optimal loading time of a website is about two seconds. Thus, this factor is absolutely necessary and very sensitive in terms of the reputation of the site.
Also, a site with a high load time will generate a number of problems at the technical level of web pages, mainly the "bounce rate" will increase significantly, thus influencing the ranking of the search engine.

In order to give you a helping hand, I recommend using the following two tools to measure the load time of a web page: Google Page Speed Tool and GT Metrix.

The location of the server
The last factor we will discuss is the location of the hosting server. Contrary to the views of various SEO specialists, the location of the server is not a factor that influences the SEO campaign directly but still plays a relevant role. Thanks to our visitors, we want an optimal loading speed that can only be achieved by choosing a web hosting company located in the country of origin of the majority users.

So, my suggestion is to choose a hosting company that owns the servers in the country you specifically target. In most cases, choosing a right location will not increase costs and will not visibly influence the SEO campaign, but it can improve the overall performance of your site, generating a significant increase in both brand and non-brand traffic.

To be honest with you, if you focus too much on the web hosting price, it is quite likely that you will not do any service. Do not go to the cheapest option, but to the most suitable for your business!
Think about it: "Does it really deserve a lower price with the possibility of creating other problems that will require both money and precious time? ... or better start right from the start and avoid one of the many worries? "
Remember therefore that this is just the beginning of how affects your web hosting your SEO campaign!


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