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How Important Is Mobile-Friendly for SEO?


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SEO specialists warn the owners of sites that are not mobile-friendly by having a significant decrease in search engine rankings and reducing their significant traffic. For this reason, it is recommended that the site is adapted to any device. Even though this warning occurred from 2014-2015, they are still owners of outdated sites that can not be accessed from smartphones or tablets.

For 3 years, users accessing sites on mobile devices have exceeded the number of people who access them from a desktop. As a matter of fact, more mobile terminations are expected than the number of people worldwide.

Therefore, website users are expecting to be able to access from any device, whether it's desktop, tablet or smartphone. And here comes the notion of responsive design.

What if the site is not mobile-friendly?

In order to provide users with the most enjoyable experience, search engines position the webs that are mobile-friendly. Thus, those who do not have responsive sites are disadvantaged and ranked, even if they have well-indexed keywords.

Google Initiative

Moreover, Google has begun to take this initiative, and web pages that are not mobile-friendly and offer poor user experience are listed below. We conclude, therefore, that the search engine is concerned with the user's best experience.

Therefore, site owners are encouraged and encouraged to make an effort to adapt their web pages to be mobile responsive, to adapt to changing user behavior if they want traffic and new customers. It is indispensable to keep up with the technology to have a prosperous business online and to gain as much visibility.