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How important is the speed of loading a website


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You already have a blog that has visitors and loyal readers, good quality, informative and educational articles. Moreover, readers passionate about your writings bring new traffic to the website and positively influence the social environment through share. Most likely, you've recently invested in the redesign to be responsive, tailored to new trends accessible from any device. And yet, the conversion rate is decreasing, sales are getting smaller - what's the reason?

If you've done everything you can to improve your website in the online environment and still lower your earnings, the loading speed is most likely slow. How can you get better loading speed and how important is it to the online environment?

Each ranking criterion takes into account the loading speed of the site
Because the relevance of pages in the Google ranking is important, the site's loading speed is the top criterion. This criterion is due to the customer's satisfaction since a page load of over 5 seconds often makes it quit.

Consumer patience is decreasing
Consumers no longer have the patience to wait until they download something or load a web page because of the new technologies that have greatly improved the loading speed. If until the year 2000 customers were satisfied with a loading speed of up to 8 seconds or more, after 2006 a third of them abandoned the sites that were loaded in more than 4-5 seconds. At present, consumers no longer have the patience to wait until they upload a website for more than 2-3 seconds.

Therefore, given that 3 out of 4 consumers will not return to a website that loads in more than 4-5 seconds, while the smartphone is even more demanding, solving the problems with the site - is of great importance. Ignoring this aspect, the readers, customers, and potential customers will be lost over time, and a higher rejection rate compared to the conversion rate will be seen.

According to specialized studies, 80% of online buyers believe that the most important purchasing decision maker is the loading speed. Unhappy buyers are more likely to develop a reputation and negative image of the company than satisfied customers.

Every second costs money
Google is looking every day to improve Internet browsing experience on mobile devices. Therefore, an important criterion for increasing the conversion rate is the accessibility of the site on any device.

In conclusion, if you want a successful online business, invest in a modern and futuristic, responsive design, optimize it for maximum performance and choose a web hosting according to the site's needs as you consume. Develop educational content for consumers, whether you have a blog or an online store, to improve their lifestyle and make their activities more effective and enjoyable.