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How is the price of an SEO campaign determined?


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SEO Audit Prices. A complete SEO audit can cost between 250-300 euros and can reach up to 600 -700 euros. There are also free SEO audits, they are usually done automatically.

Native Advertising Prices/Link Building Prices. A new online marketing concept that consists in creating user-friendly content that embraces the form of the site/blog/publication where it is to be distributed - more specifically, to respect the theme and rules of the place where it is to be placed. The purpose of native advertising is to create quality links.

Prices for this type of content start at 20 euros and can even cost up to 1,000 euros per article. Of course, the decisive factor, in this case, is the notoriety of the site where the content will appear.

Content Marketing Prices. Content Marketing is an important part of the SEO process and consists in creating content that gives the user a rich experience about a particular product, service or not, about a particular industry or any theme of interest. Forms that content marketing can include: infographics, video/presentation videos, practical guides, news, case studies, email marketing, articles, etc.

Factors that influence the price of an SEO Campaign:
  • The category to which the site belongs: presentation/information or online store
  • Competition in the field of interest
  • The number of categories of the site to be optimized
  • The number of products of the site to be optimized
  • The health status of the site from an SEO point of view - is based on an SEO audit
  • Link History of the Site - the number of harmful links
  • Possible Penalties from Google when applicable
  • Proposed objectives for the campaign
  • The time in which goals are desired
Activities from the SEO promotion process that should not be missing from the SEO Offer:
  • Researching and choosing keywords for your campaign
  • Audit on page - technical and content
  • Audit off page to include the link profile
  • Building a powerful link profile
  • Real-time monitoring of your campaign
  • Seo consultancy with the person involved in the process
  • Detailed Monthly Reporting


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I'll leave some useful information, examples of content marketing prices:

Building an infographic - between 150 and 600 euros

Writing an article (without publishing it) - between 10 euros and 150 euros

Practical guides - between 200 and 700 euros

Advert prices. Their importance in the SEO process is decreasing - Google does not appreciate as much as in the past links from advertisers as they are a form of paid advertising. However, if they are published correctly and on well-known sites, they can still be effective.

Prices for such advertorials can start at 50 euros and can reach up to 1000 euro


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Pricing an SEO campaign by specialized agencies is not a simple process. Similarly, choosing the SEO provider is not a simple procedure. There are many variables to be considered by both parties involved. That is why, in order to reach the optimal price option for the SEO campaign, it requires an exemplary communication between the parties.

No matter what type of SEO provider you choose, why SEO services you contract or what price model you will go to, ultimately, the most important is to get your set goals.