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How much does a logo cost?


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Creating a logo involves a lot of research and time. The price of a logo varies from one designer to another. Then the natural question that every person who intends to invest in a logo thinks is not the cost of a logo but how much he would be willing to invest in his creation. For example, Pepsi has invested about $ 1 million in designing a new logo.

Generally, companies do not realize the importance of a logo in developing their business. Most of the time, people do not take into account the time and skills needed to create a logo, but rather focus on the financial side. The logo is the first "meeting" between the company and the potential customer. As the first impression counts, a logo made by a professional is easier to recognize by customers, with the business being much more likely to become a brand. The final price of a logo varies depending on the number of variants the customer requests, how quickly the customer wants the final logo and how much experience the designer has in the field.

  1. The process of creating a logo is very complex, involves at least 10-12 hours of work and includes:
  2. A thorough discussion with the client in which he/she has to present the target audience, the colors they prefer and who is the competitor.
  3. Research begins with the customer's business and continues with the field it is part of, researching logos in general and competitors' logos.
  4. Then the designer begins to sketch ideas and thinks about the associated words. Of all these sketches, the designer chooses the best ones to add colors too.
  5. Shows them to the customer and makes all the changes he asks for.
  6. The final variants are sent to the customer in different formats.