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How much does a website cost?


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This is one of the most common questions in our field of activity. The answer to this question is not a standard one. Even if the technology and the online environment are constantly developing, there is no formula to calculate the costs involved in developing and implementing a site.

The company that makes your site has to consult you and determine what you want, but at the same time what your business needs. Thus, the company you collaborate with can offer tips that exactly match your needs, which helps you save money. The final cost of a site is calculated according to the complexity of the site, namely:

The number of pages - the price of a site is directly proportional to the number of pages; The more pages are, the higher the price will be. In addition to the number of pages, you must also keep in mind that each page must have content. Behind the construction of a page is an entire process involving a lot of work.

Design - the costs involved in designing a site, are more than just what the customer wants. If he wants a very complicated site and his price will be lower. The best sites are designed to be compatible with your computer, phone, and tablet. A more complex design involves more time for work and, implicitly, more money.

Hosting - You have to pay the company that hosts you and takes care of your business. The final cost of business hosting varies depending on the amount of information on the site or the number of visitors per day.

Content Management System (CMS) - allows you to easily edit the information on the site. Thus, you can post or change pictures, the content of your site or blog anywhere, anytime.