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How to avoid duplicate content on your site


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Having duplicate content on your site is not useful either for search engines or for site users. Having said that, you can prevent the negative impact of the site in search engines by solving this problem.

Below are some ways you can fix the duplicate content issues on your site.

Use 301 Redirects: This is a useful method if you plan to remove all duplicate content from a page on your site. Because some of these pages may have received backlinks, it's a good idea to permanently redirect these pages to the correct URL. This will tell visitors even, more importantly, the search engines, where to find the right content.

Lock from robots.txt: Another method is to use the robots.txt file to block duplicate pages from being blocked by search engine robots. Google does not recommend this approach, saying: "If search engines can not access duplicate content pages with publishers, they can not automatically detect that these URLs point to the same content and therefore will have to treat them as unique pages. ".

Use rel = "canonical": If you intend to leave duplicate content on your site, using rel = "canonical" is an excellent option. This tag tells search robots that the version of the content is the "true" version. Add this tag to the header of the duplicate content page, as follows:

<link rel = "canonical" href = "http://www.continutadevarat.com">
This code tells search robots to find the real piece of content.

While duplicate content is a problem and can make you sick in SERP, it's not as scary as most people think. Unless you will attempt to manipulate SERP by duplicate content, Google and the other search engines will not penalize your site. But, as mentioned above, there are still negative consequences if you have duplicate content on your site. I recommend that you reconsider your website again and then do everything you can to clean up and fix all issues. Robots of search engines and users of your site will thank you!