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How to become a graphic designer


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First step:
Make an effort to learn. Design in general, of any kind, it is an area in which learning is a continuous and conscious process. Graphic design trends to evolve, change, and you have to keep up with it.

  • Look for mentors, choose the jobs you have the most to learn
  • Take your projects out of the job, from here you can learn the most
  • Participate in design events, sign up for graphic design clubs
  • Keep pace with technology, it's important that the laptop/computer you work on has the best specifications
  • Research is the part that you have to consider both as a junior designer and as a senior
Don't expect to make a lot of money. As a junior designer, you cannot have big financial expectations, you are in the learning period while you're testing, maybe you're still not sure which area you want to specialize in (UI designer, Ux designer, Marketing designer, Web designer, Game designer , Etc.). However, it should be noted that sometimes a designer has several cumulative "titles", but it is normal to have an affinity for a certain area of Design. But as you gain experience, you can start to "sell".

Step two:
Copy, copy, copy. To learn design yourself, beautifully stay at your home office and try to fix what's under your eyes. From pizza leaflets to complex sites, logos, and drawings. It's a good exercise to learn the tools and the situations in which they are used. It's easier to learn the Text Tool when looking on Google "how to make a yellow text in photoshop" than exploring Photoshop randomly. All you copy makes you more flexible ad creative, in the future these helps you in the way so that you will remember how to make a button, a layer, a logo house, the face of a character, without having to learn them then.

Step three:
Portfolio. In this area, the portfolio is the cornerstone of your business card. It's important to have your best-finished works in your portfolio, it's not important to put everything you have, it's important to put everything that you have the best. To have a good portfolio try in your daily work to follow some steps:

  • Set what aptitude you want to learn
  • What responsibilities would you like to have
  • And on what types of projects you want to work on.

Step four:

Learn how to speak. Seriously. The way you present your work is a good piece of how it will be perceived. Do not say "Ah, it's nothing, it's done right away" or similar phrases. What can be simple for you can be complicated for the customer. But maybe you've been working a long time for that to make it simple. Think first. Then talk.

  • Do not worry if everything goes slow, not many tasks are to blame. Speed comes with time and only after you master the technique will be faster.
  • Surf on the net. Walk around everywhere. You will have many things to do from the most diverse. It will be difficult if you do not have terms of comparison. All you don't know Google will be your best friend.
  • Beat your head. When something difficult occurs, grab the problem by the neck and tight it:). Try to solve as much as possible.
  • Know your skills. Improve where you have gaps. Work from home. Also work for free for friends. Participate in graphics contests on the net.
Design means creativity, attention to detail, individual work, the desire to learn new programs and technologies, but also good communication, skills, flexibility, and patience.


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These are some very very good tips :) I know that I'm a beginner and right now I don't have the tools to make awesome designs, and that's the reason why people never hire me, because there's a lot who can make the work better than me :( but I just need time, I know that when I finally have everything I need, I'll put everything into practice.