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How to create a LinkedIn page for your company?


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LinkedIn, the world's third-largest social networking network, with about 300 million users, has become increasingly used in business in the world. Being a business-oriented social networking network, it requires seriousness both in terms of post content and in relationships with other users.

In order to create a company page, the company owner or an employee must have a personal profile. The purpose of a LinkedIn page is to gain credibility among customers and business partners through relevant and interesting posts such as organizing your company events, attending events, or available jobs. Below are some tips that help make a quality LinkedIn page:

  1. Carefully select your profile picture - profile picture helps users identify your company in over 3 million companies that have a page on this social network. Most companies choose their image LinkedIn to be represented by the company logo itself. If the profile picture limits creativity somewhat due to its small size, the cover photo allows you to create a special design that highlights the company's qualities and objectives.
  2. Add products and services - add the products and services you offer. Each page of your products and services may include a link that sends visitors to your site. Take the opportunity to present the benefits of your services and products.
  3. Post interesting content - Constantly updates the page with relevant and interesting content. Respond to visitors' questions and offer them professional solutions, and when they need advice, they will find exactly where they will find it. Keep visitors interested in your company's LinkedIn profile with information about both your company and the news appearing in your business.
  4. Make Connections - LinkedIn provides you with a number of tools that allow you to get in touch with new people in your business: you can import contacts from your email account, create links to people and companies that LinkedIn Suggests them.
  5. Join in different groups - the role of groups is to interact with professionals according to their field of activity. By registering and participating in different groups, your company becomes more visible and can contribute ideas and useful information to both potential customers and business partners. LinkedIn gives you information about both the groups you are part of and the groups where your connections are written. Using LinkedIn Group Statistics you can find out how many people are in that group, how active are those people, location, function, and even the field in which group members are active.
  6. Monitor your profile permanently - see which type of post has recorded the most clicks, which has been distributed and addresses topics in the way most appreciated by your partners and clients.
As I said earlier, LinkedIn is a social network that requires seriousness. For this reason, the number of connections does not matter so much, more important is the field that these people belong to, what functions they have and especially who they are connected with.