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How to create the best meta descriptions


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Google has released some recommendations on how to create better meta descriptions for search results.

In addition, Google is doing the part to improve meta descriptions making a notable update of how they are rendered in the search engine.

How Google generates meta descriptions
When deciding what information to show in the snippet of a search result, Google will crawl your content and extract the most relevant information.

If the content of a page is not the most relevant source based on the user's query, Google will then direct your meta to the description you wrote to be displayed in the search snippet.

In the past, if the content of the page was not the most relevant source for generating a fragment, and no meta description was created manually, Google trained the information from DMOZ. With DMOZ now closed, Google has stopped relying on the web directory to generate meta descriptions.

Now it has become very important for site owners to write meta-good descriptions. Google continues to explain what it considers to be a good meta description.

"The good descriptions are short blurs describing the content of the page. They are the ones who convince the user that the page is exactly what they are looking for.''

The most common issues that site owners need to keep in mind when creating meta descriptions, neglect to create them at all. Another problem is using the same meta description for all pages on the site. Other issues are meta descriptions that are not related to the page, spam or low quality.

Google says technically there are no character limits for meta descriptions, but they will be truncated to match the width of the device they're viewing.