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How to generate a secure password for your website


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How do we create and store a secure password?

Indeed, most users tend to use a single password for all accounts with online access, because it's quite difficult to memorize an individual password for each account. Many wonders why a strong or unique password is needed, as long as they are the only ones who access the account? A totally wrong concept - hackers are constantly searching for vulnerabilities, and the first is a simple or common password.

Hackers are constantly gaining new insight into breaking down passwords, site accounts, or bank accounts, so you are in constant danger in the online environment, as long as you do not take all precautions.

How does a stable password look like?

A password of type 123456 or password123 or any other string of letters or numbers is obvious, a weak and easy to guess password. It's also not wise to use your birthday or birthday because there are relatively easy to find information nowadays.

Length - the longer a password is, the better. If you have a password with more than one character, it is more likely to be unclear.

Complexity - adding unique numbers and characters will stabilize the password you use. For an easy-to-remember name, they can use similar characters instead of certain letters and a combination of upper and lower case letters with numbers.

Unique - a password used to access a website should not be used, for example, to access a bank account or vice versa. Each account must have a unique password, so there is no likelihood of compromising each other. For easy memorization of multiple passwords, a common algorithm, differentiated by different characters from one password to another, can be used.

Therefore, a safe component of security in the online environment is the use of strong passwords. Because hackers have a wealth of tools in their arsenal, it is up to each account owner to protect his data.

WebmastersMind recommends all online users to use strong and individual passwords to access each account created online.